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Glossary of Terms

Anaplastologist: specialist in the making of facial or somato (body/digital) prostheses

Artificial Eye: a plastic prosthesis used when an eye is surgically removed (enucleated). Also known as an ocular prosthesis

Auricular: of or pertaining to the outer ear

Conformer: clear plastic or silicone shell usually inserted after surgery to help form the socket and support the eyelids

Conjunctiva: mucous membrane that lines the eye socket and covers the implant

Cornea: clear covering on the eye

Cul-de-sacs: tissue pockets within the socket cavity

Digit: of or pertaining to a finger or toe

Enucleation: surgical removal of the eyeball, leaving the remaining orbital parts intact. Extraocular muscles are detached and typically reattached to an orbital implant or fat graft. An artificial eye is fit following this eye surgery

Evisceration: surgical removal of the inner eye contents, iris and cornea; leaving the sclera behind with the extraocular muscles still attached. Typically, an orbital implant is placed inside the sclera to replace lost eye volume. A scleral shell is fit following this eye surgery

Exenteration: surgical removal of the contents of the orbit (eye socket) including the eyeball, fat muscles and other adjacent structures of the eye. The eyelids may also be removed in cases of cutaneous (skin) cancers and unrelenting infection. An orbital prosthesis is typically recommended following this surgery

Extraocular Muscles: the six muscles that control eye movement

Implant: usually a spherical device placed in the socket at time of surgery to replace orbit volume after removal of the eye or its contents. Normally made of acrylic plastic, silicone, or bio-compatible material. Also called a ball or orbital implant

Iris: colored portion of the eye

Helix: the in-curve rim of the external ear

Monocular Vision: seeing with only one eye

Mucosa: mucous membranes

Nasal: of or pertaining to the nose

Nasopharynx: the nasal part of the pharynx; it is the uppermost part of the pharynx

Ocularist: specialist in the making of ocular (eye) prostheses

Orbital Prosthesis: including an ocular prosthesis, it artificially restores the eye, eyelids, and the adjacent hard and soft tissues, which have been lost as a result of radical surgery or traumatic event

Orbital with OcularProsthesis: artificial eye

Prosthesis: artificial substitute for a missing, disfigured, or malformed part of the face or body

Prosthetist: a person skilled in making or fitting prosthetic devices

Pupil: black spot in the iris, which opens into the interior of the eye

Sclera: white portion of the eye

Scleral Shell: flush fitting thin artificial eye usually fit over blind, malformed, or injured eye

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