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Scott works miracles! We were referred to him by Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, and we couldn't have asked for a better Ocularist! From the moment we walked in the door, Scott gave us such a sense of understanding and peace of mind about what was going to happen. Our daughter's life is forever changed because of Scott's genius, his attention to detail and passion. There aren't words to describe how wonderful Scott and his staff are—"awesome," "caring," and "loving" can't quite cut it!

Alison M.
Clarksville, TN

As a previous California resident, it had been difficult trying to find an Ocularist in Kentucky until we met Scott Fiscus. We anticipated having to commute to San Francisco to see the initial Ocularist for our son because we were not sure of there was an Ocularist we could trust. Upon meeting Scott, I came to find him to be an excellent Ocularist. Not only is he good in making the prosthesis but his patient care and ability to connect with my son in that one appointment made a difference in my perspective. Being reluctant since I am new to the Kentucky community, Scott Fiscus is a person to trust with your care.

Cristina R.
Georgetown, KY

In March 2012, I saw Scott to get my prosthetic eye. As my Vanderbilt doctor told us, "If you don't get along with Scott, it's you!" And this is true! He was patient and explained everything in detail. He play's great music, too! I left with a beautiful, matching blue eye. It looks great! Thanks, Scott!

Sherri B.
West Union, OH

I am well satisfied with the work Scott performed on the loss of my right eye. I actually have to tell people that I am blind in my right eye. Still others don't believe me. Because of the work Scott performed, my confidence is better. I don't have to walk around with my head down. I am able to sleep in my prosthesis and don't have to take it out that often. Scott is a hero of mine and I am ever so grateful for his gift that he possesses. I would recommend anyone with the loss of an eye to not hesitate to let Scott share his gift. I am well pleased. Thanks, Scott!

Larry W.
Clarksville, TN

I could never truly pay Scott what my eye is worth. I have gotten so many compliments on how real it looks. People always say, "If you hadn't told me, I would not have known you had an artificial eye!" My self worth is normal again, thanks to my Ocularist!

James P.
Goodlettsville, TN

I have had a prosthetic eye since 1971, and over those years I have seen many different doctors. Scott Fiscus is without a doubt the best Ocularist I have seen so far! He does exceptional work and is very easy to talk to. No matter how big or how small your concerns are, he will address them professionally to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your prosthesis. I would recommend him to anyone.

Terry T.
Beattyville, KY

I have not had a new eye for over 20 years. I started looking for places online and came across Scott's webpage. I was really impressed at the pictures/outcomes on the website so I contacted the office for an appointment. My outcome was excellent and I am very pleased with my new eye.

Paul B.
Winchester, KY

I have worn an artificial eye since I was 6 years old. I am now 42. I had my first artificial eye at age 6, and a second one at 14. I went to one Ocularist when I was 39. He made me 2 eyes that I wasn't pleased with, so I went to another Ocularist. He made me a nice eye, but it had a definite slope in the corner of it. The Ocularist said it was caused by the implant and that my eye was the best that it could be. WRONG! Then I found Scott Fiscus! I went to see Scott for a consultation. I was pleased with his attitude and his desire to be a perfectionist. Scott made me an eye and was able to fix the droopy eyelid on the first try! I had to have a couple of adjustments to the eye, and now it's great! Scott and his staff are great! Kamber did all the legwork for the insurance company. Scott has a patient for life!

Charles G.
Georgetown, KY

In October 2006, my boyfriend and I were in a car accident in Danville, KY. We were airlifted to UK Hospital in Lexington. My boyfriend died the next day. I was in the hospital for 17 days. I lost my front sinus cavity and my left eye and fractured my arm and pelvis. I was in a wheelchair and was using a walker at home. Now that time has gone by I am doing much better. For over 5 years, my Ocularist, Scott Fiscus, has done a wonderful job keeping my artificial eye looking good and feeling normal!

Lydia T.
Danville, KY

Scott did a great job on my eye! I had a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and lost my eye. Scott made me an eye that looks just like the other! He is great at what he does and I was very blessed to have him make my eye!

Crystal R.
Columbia, TN

I was looking for the best when I went to see Scott and that is what I got! I could not believe how beautiful my artificial eye was and how much it was just like my real eye. You could not tell the difference! My family and friends were just amazed! I was so proud! My office visits were made very comfortable. Scott is just so down to earth. His office is very clean and comfortable. He makes you feel like you are right at home. My friend that took me there was just as comfortable and relaxed as I was. If you want the best call Scott because he truly is the best and he gives the best back!

Sandra M.
Knoxville, TN

I have just purchased a new prosthesis from Scott Fiscus. I am very satisfied with the fit and color. It matches my eye. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone who needs artificial eye repair or replacement.

Laurence D.
Crossville, TN

Scott is one of the best caregivers I have ever met! My eye would not open when I went to see him. Now my eye fits and looks great! My artificial eye exactly matches my real eye! He is wonderful and I love him very much. He can fix anything! He is great!

Frances S.
Lafayette, TN

Most people are oblivious to the fact that I have an artificial eye. Family and friends have a tough time figuring out which is real and which isn't. Thank you, Scott!

Edna D.
Maryville, TN

Scott, you have changed my life! I now don't mind having my picture taken at family gatherings or at my Boy Scout outings. For the first time in my 55 years of life I can look a person in the eye and not think "Are they looking at me or at my eye?" Scott, you are the best! You change lives!

Anita T.
Mt Juliet, TN

Scott Fiscus has a true, God-given talent to help people injured by accidents or impacted by debilitating diseases. He works with his patients to give them a prosthesis that makes them feel more comfortable and at ease with whatever the situation was that brought them to Scott in the first place. He diligently works with the patient for their input and desires in developing their individual prosthetic needs.

Scott created a prosthesis for me which replaced the nose and nasal cavity I lost to cancer. He made me a new prosthesis each time my bone structure shifted and required a better fit to the center of my face. Scott further worked with my surgeons to implant magnetic rods in my nasal cavity to help secure the prosthesis to my face. Unfortunately, the rods were not a viable solution as the after effects of radiation left my tissues too soft for the rods to adhere to so I was left to use adhesive daily in order to hold the prosthesis in place. The adhesive irritated my skin, so Scott worked to develop a better fitting prosthesis, which he did and it does not require the use of any adhesive! What a God-send and what a blessing! Not only does the prosthesis fit securely all day long but it saves me time and alleviates discomfort!

I will forever be grateful to Scott for his diligence, patience, talents, and willingness to improve my quality of life!!

Michilene S.
Soddy Daisy, TN

I lost my eye at age 5 in an accident. At age 67 I have seen 5 Ocularists and worn 13 artificial eyes. I also served as a trial wearer of new ocular prosthetics through Walter Reed Hospital. It was not until I moved to Tennessee from Ohio some years ago and lost all my connections that I was forced to find a new Ocularist. It turned out to be a true blessing. Scott Fiscus is an artist that has developed a technique that has completely eliminated a bad fit, seepage, discolor and discomfort. He replaced those problems with a well-fitting eye that has restored my confidence!

Candace H.
Crossville, TN

Scott, the artificial eye you made me is a perfect match and fit. This is the best eye I have had since age 15. I will be 64 this year.

Rick J.
Russell Springs, KY

Scott Fiscus and company demonstrate a great deal of patient care and upgrade. The people associated with this company love and are deeply committed to total satisfaction. Scott is A+ in professionalism. He simply cares about improving total satisfaction for patient comfort.

Roosevelt C.
Huntsville, AL

June 28 is when I started the process for my new eye. On that day, I was shown step by step procedures for what I would go through. During the procedures I was never in any pain. Scott took his time and was very professional in every way. He made me feel very comfortable and that made the process so much easier. From day 1 I had a wonderful experience with Scott. The second day was the best day of my experience! This was the day I received my custom made artificial eye! First step he did was paint the eye. I would never have thought how both my eyes could ever look the same. Because of how wonderful Scott is, he made my eye look identical to my real eye. After he processed the eye, he placed it in my socket. He then took it out and showed me how to place it in myself. When I looked in the mirror my heart was filled with great relief! I cried because of how beautiful it looked! I did not think I would look so normal. As of today, I have not had any pain or regrets on this wonderful journey that gave me my new eye. I love Scott for the wonderful job he did on it. If I had to do it again, I would want Scott to be there for me.

PS- At our family reunion everyone commented on how good my eye looked. It made me feel wonderful!

Margaret L.
Nora, VA

I am extremely pleased with Scott and the quality of the prosthesis, the service and the care I received.

Robert A.
Scottsboro, AL

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